Katya (2)

Katya (2)

She is an honest model in
That world of vain display –
Made up to pose for pictures
Off in Paris or Calais

She’s treated like a cufflink
By the men she sometimes dates;
Rich guys who she makes look good
Like their Benz’s or estates

She wants real love and passion,
Not to be some work of art:
My fear is that she’ll settle
For all money and no heart

Because she think that’s normal
For the people in her biz;
She’s trapped inside the limits
Of who she’s long thought
She is

3 thoughts on “Katya (2)

  1. Too true Owen.
    People get stuck in a set of skin, which becomes second nature but in all reality is not who they truly are. They just can not see (consciously or subconsciously) that it is forced lifestyle.

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