The Introvert At The Christmas Party

My God, it’s loud in there.
She’ll be here soon and we’ll go in…

How long, I wonder, will she want to stay?
They must have spent ten thousand dollars on this place!

Oh look, I got three more “likes”…
I wonder how cold it’s supposed to get tonight?

Hey, there, sweetheart. Coats go over here.
I’ll tip her, I brought cash. Your hands are cold.

The Who’s? They own a funeral parlor. Got it.
Oh… he has cancer. How long? (He looks good…)

My gosh it’s loud in here. Say that again. What?!
There’s hardly room to squeeze through there. Let’s go around.

I think there’s someone I know over there.
He doesn’t remember me. Of course.

I’m not sure we’ll be able to find a place to sit.
Hello… hello… it’s nice to meet you… hello

Yes, Owen, that’s right. O-W-E-N. Um, fourteen years.
No, I’m not from here, I came from Florida. Twenty years.

What’s that? Who? No, I don’t remember them. The movies?
How long ago? (Excuse me. Is this the line?) What happened to them?

Divorces are ugly, that much I know. She does what now? (Hello.
I’m Owen. Yes, I’m with her.) The band is really loud. I know, they are good.


Ah, home.
You want to chill a whie? Fine with me.

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One thought to “The Introvert At The Christmas Party”

  1. LOL. I dunno, Christmas parties (work or friends) seem like school dances, only with booze added. And then one has to drive home in the snow/ice/hail/toads. If only one could bring a crossword puzzle book. “You might be an introvert if you…”

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