An Introvert’s Holiday

Introverts of the world unite, only, we’re not having a meeting. I hate meetings.

The holidays are coming soon
I say, make them your own —
While some are with their closest friends,
I’d rather be alone

The party’s going on outside
A good one – I can tell —
I’ll thank them all to let me by
And go to some hotel

Where I can read and write and sleep;
Perhaps, reenergize —
It’s nothing against anyone
It’s better spirit-wise

For me to have some space and time.
This, many folks would hate —
But some time to be by myself?
To me that sounds

Mealtime Negotiation

“let’s go here, the food is great.”

“no food is worth a line that long…

how ’bout we just go here instead?”

“i hear that place is boring.”

how introverts and extroverts

negotiate at mealtime:

what overwhelms the one

the other one just finds


The Introvert on Vacation

There’s a business meeting / convention here at our hotel…

There’s business folk at this hotel,
While we’re here on vacation;
Each feels compelled to talk to me,
Like I’m some lost relation

They want to dialogue with me
Until it, frankly, hurts —
For I did not come all this way
To hang with

The Introvert At The Christmas Party

Hello… hello… it’s nice to meet you… hello

My God, it’s loud in there.
She’ll be here soon and we’ll go in…

How long, I wonder, will she want to stay?
They must have spent ten thousand dollars on this place!

Oh look, I got three more “likes”…
I wonder how cold it’s supposed to get tonight?

Hey, there, sweetheart. Coats go over here.
I’ll tip her, I brought cash. Your hands are cold.

The Who’s? They own a funeral parlor. Got it.
Oh… he has cancer. How long? (He looks good…)

My gosh it’s loud in here. Say that again. What?!
There’s hardly room to squeeze through there. Let’s go around.

I think there’s someone I know over there.
He doesn’t remember me. Of course.

I’m not sure we’ll be able to find a place to sit.
Hello… hello… it’s nice to meet you… hello

Yes, Owen, that’s right. O-W-E-N. Um, fourteen years.
No, I’m not from here, I came from Florida. Twenty years.

What’s that? Who? No, I don’t remember them. The movies?
How long ago? (Excuse me. Is this the line?) What happened to them?

Divorces are ugly, that much I know. She does what now? (Hello.
I’m Owen. Yes, I’m with her.) The band is really loud. I know, they are good.


Ah, home.
You want to chill a whie? Fine with me.

And Now… The Larch

Alternatively titled “Conversational Monogamy” – Owen

One person at a time.
That is, for me,
The way to reach, connect:
For like a tree

My roots can drink
From just one at most ground;
More flora than I’m fauna
s’What I’ve found

[Alternatively titled “Conversational Monogamy” – Owen]

Don’t Disturb the Introvert


Please, don’t disturb the introvert.
We think it would be best,
If you would all back off, so we
Could give the thing a rest

For extroverts, their favorite game,
Is one called “piling on”;
Where they just keep on adding, till
The introvert
Is gone