The Introvert on Vacation

There’s business folk at this hotel,
While we’re here on vacation;
Each feels compelled to talk to me,
Like I’m some lost relation

They want to dialogue with me
Until it, frankly, hurts —
For I did not come all this way
To hang with

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3 Thoughts to “The Introvert on Vacation

      1. LOL.

        I am actually about to travel for work.

        I love my team. LOVE THEM. But they are very, very interested in lots of socializing, whereas I am going, “YES! I could spend three evenings in my room, with tons of personal space for the first time in 21 months!!!”

        I’m not sure how to bridge that gap. I am glad to have an introvert blogging friend visiting with me one of those evenings, so that we can say as many or few words as feels right without my having to make up any kind of excuse.

        (On Friday, I canceled a walk with a friend, citing “introvert overload.” I linked her my introvert-bubble post. She said thanks for the insight and that she’d look forward to our next meeting. So there’s hope!)

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