Post Beleaguerism

And now, if you will turn your attention to
The persona, you will see that the
Particular blogger in question is
Characterized by a tendency to frame stories in
Such a way that the persona appears to
Occupy a position of moral superiority, or
Perhaps, in a situation designed to
Elicit approval or sympathy.

However, after carefully examining the
Output of this same writer over a
Time period of approximately 18 months, we
Notice that the persona exhibits a
Tendency to repetition of easily identifable themes, the
Main of which involve a
Long history of
Seemingly unfulfilled or
Frustrated carnal relationships of a
Heterosexual nature.

This much is obvious to even the casual
Reader; less overt is the persona’s unwillingness to
Deal with subjects seen as too personal, taboo, or
Socially out-of bounds. When we approached the
Persona, the reply received was that
Certain subjects were indeed
Consciously avoided, as being too
Personal to discuss. These include:


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