The Tree of Love and Loss

Beneath the tree of love and loss
We held each other closer than our skins

Beside the silent, watching swan
Who sees each fairy tale as it begins

But as in Tuonela, that
Same swan swims on to guard this world we flee

Beneath the tree of love and loss
Where “ever after” comes




Photo credit : © Juliasha | – Fairytale Tree In Nymphenburg Photo


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2 Thoughts to “The Tree of Love and Loss

  1. Magical and mystical in its entirety. The phrase, “closer than our skins” transcends holiness and eroticism, to create a state which I cannot name. But I know it exists.

    1. Thank you, Lola. I’ve really been enjoying you work, as well.

      I associate trees with love, for some reason. I know why I associate swans with death. The photo reminded me, therefore, of both.

      This reminded me, though, of one of my favorite pieces about love and trees, which I set to post again later this evening.

      Thank you again.

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