The Magic Window

= = = = = | = = = = = The light is gone, and nothing’s right, Another wastrel of a day — Come join me, and we’ll get away, And take the magic window into night For dreams of childhood remain; Of distant lands and shining seas — We’ll go and do whate’er … Continue reading "The Magic Window"

Almost Once

They gave in almost once, and then The silver stars went out again; For what is night, but promises: Desirable, and ominous — The almost once was there and gone, Emotions making each a pawn: In squares that mark respective beds, And dreams that live in only Heads

How It Might Be

And, yes – I’ve thought how it might be If we were more Than you and me I’ve wondered, Filled with some unease, At how far go Our fantasies For though I don’t think overmuch – A flash of taste, A hint of touch There have been Times, I will admit, I knew that I … Continue reading "How It Might Be"

her carnival

he didn’t even know her name but she had clear and known demands; he was to be an instrument of tongue and body, limb and hands   within a sort of carnival where power had been ceded — he didn’t even know her name but he knew what she needed

In Thought

She stays; but In thought, she will fly Past all this

Dream Girl

The frequent consequences of shyness...