The Magic Window

Magic Window

= = = = = | = = = = =

The light is gone, and nothing’s right,
Another wastrel of a day —
Come join me, and we’ll get away,
And take the magic window into night

For dreams of childhood remain;
Of distant lands and shining seas —
We’ll go and do whate’er we please,
Away from all these cold eyes’ sharp disdain

The world of faith and not of sight
Is beckoning for us to join;
So come, let us some joy purloin,
And take the magic window
Into night

= = = = = | = = = = =

Photo credit : ID 38853794 © Empipe |

How It Might Be

And, yes –
I’ve thought how it might be
If we were more
Than you and me

I’ve wondered,
Filled with some unease,
At how far go
Our fantasies

For though
I don’t think overmuch –
A flash of taste,
A hint of touch

There have been
Times, I will admit,
I knew that I must –
Had to – quit.

It’s somewhere close
To misery:
So, yes –
I’ve thought how it
Might be

The Tree of Love and Loss

Beneath the tree of love and loss
We held each other closer than our skins

Beside the silent, watching swan
Who sees each fairy tale as it begins

But as in Tuonela, that
Same swan swims on to guard this world we flee

Beneath the tree of love and loss
Where “ever after” comes




Photo credit : © Juliasha | – Fairytale Tree In Nymphenburg Photo