Remembering My First Real… Date


One day you barely know someone
The next, you think she’s gold;
This is a lesson that I learned
At seventeen years old

I’d been alone for sixteen years
Plus one year more, for sure;
When suddenly, she just appeared,
Or, I appeared to her

Her best friend dated mine, and so
He asked me if I would
Get her aside, out of his way
I said I thought I could

And where, before, I’d half-seen her,
I saw the other half;
Like she was smart and beautiful
And really liked to laugh

In a small room by a big room
Where choirs oft were heard
We flipped off all the light switches
Then other stuff occurred

That night, I went on a real date
A thing that shocked my dad

And it’s amazing, looking back,
Just how much fun we had

One day you barely know someone
The next, you’re making out;
But that’s the way it is with floods
They come after a drought

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