Beautiful, All Of Them

Beautiful Persons

Beautiful persons, two-by-two
Head downtown to a glamorous scene;
Beautiful Him and Beautiful Her
Clipped from a fashion magazine –

Beautiful women, draw them in
Beautiful men, who’re cut from stone
Beautiful all of them, made to win
Never worried and never alone –

They’ve had beautiful friends before
And will again, because friends are free
The night is full of beautiful people
Beautiful people
And me

2 thoughts on “Beautiful, All Of Them

  1. That’s a great song. I’d heard it before, but honestly never understood the words before reading them below the video. It’s very close to the same feeling I was trying to convey.

    Thanks for reading and your kind words.

  2. This one has the best rhythm of your recent poems. Catchy but critical at once.

    I find myself surrounded by these 20-something narcissists…retch.

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