The Storm Was All Around Us

We watched the clouds roll in that day Cross-legged in the sand; We heard the distant thunder Sitting huddled, hand-in-hand – Until the rain was on us, Then we kissed and up we rose; Ran in the rain to my place Where we shed our sodden clothes – Before, we’d been “long-distance”, So then this … Continue reading "The Storm Was All Around Us"

Heart of Daftness

I had a crush A crush I had When I was just a boy – I wanted to Impress her, so I came up with this ploy… I ordered from A comic book A Spider-Man wrist band; So I could catch her In my web And bring her close to hand. But when I got … Continue reading "Heart of Daftness"

One-Act Play

(Alternate title: “Remembering My First… Celebrity Crush”) I saw an actress in a play At twenty years of age; And fell for her, or at least reached The fascination stage. I sought her out, and talked to her; We went out on a date — With dinner, drinks and causerie Till very, very late. Oh, … Continue reading "One-Act Play"