People love to lie because
They know it gives them power;
They use lies to seduce and
To entrap and to devour

They lead fake online lives
That stretch beyond mere pseudonyms;
And play out where the old are young
And where the “she’s” are “him’s”

And often, they’re convinced
The lies they tell are really true;
Or so important, it excuses
Everything they do

And lying’s so ubiquitous
It’s all of a degree
What constitutes a fraud
Or someone real (like you or me)

Or maybe we’re all liars
A distinctly human art
Just telling stories ’round the fire
At heart


For a description of the phenomenon of “catfishing” look here.

One thought on “Catfishing

  1. I am enjoying this series of poems by you. I have recently been grappling with the very human problem of staying/being both real/ genuine and compassionate/caring at the same time. They often come in conflict.


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