Chairman Emeritus

Official Seal

The Institute for Doing Stupid Things called
Offering me a lifetime membership.

When I responded that to public admit I constantly do stupid things
Would in itself be a stupid thing, they responded,

So I am now not only their latest member but
Chairman Emeritus of the Subcommittee on
Inexplicable Idiocy.

My duties there include figuring out exactly
Why I walk straight into the same countertop every day;
Why I would leave a house locked with my keys still in it;
Or why I would ever attempt to have a rational discussion on a message board,
Or indeed a rational discussion about politics anywhere.

The Chairmanship is very prestigious:
I beat out a number of congressmen and head football coaches for the honor.

If any of you want to support the Institute for Doing Stupid Things
You thereby officially qualify for membership

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