A Gypsy Dream

My friend, the gypsy, shared a dream Of how she’d found a carnival, A type of old tradition where The best of their technology Was brought to bear to try to make A wonderland of lights and sorcery. Where lovers could walk hand-in-hand And feel excitement from the crowd, As she did; with some unknown … Continue reading "A Gypsy Dream"


At just eighteen, her shoulders start to droop: The drudgery of sub shop artistry’s Been rubbing off some of her natural shine, But hasn’t punctured all her buoyancy. I look, and wonder, at her haunted eyes, The father in me, I guess, coming out In wanting to be kind to her, some way: Some type … Continue reading "Elizabeth"

Lake House Thoughts

I had taken a vacation from reality And finally had to leave town In order to find it again

Full With Dreams

I see the dreams you dream are full of life, And that the life you live is full with dreams; In bright green country, always to arrive Just as the newborn sun begifts its beams For there, amid the village down below, You slowly make your way amid the hills; The foliage is lush, the … Continue reading "Full With Dreams"

New Troas

For fourteen hundred years, the people of New Troas have traveled...