The Silver Pool of Acquilàr

You feel a shiver on your neck
A breeze from long ago, and far
That comes from out of magic woods
The Silver Pool of Acquilàr

To follow back that icy draught
Across the ages, hale and whole;
To look within its silver depths
And see your very waking soul

The Silver Pool of Acquilàr
Will show you what you need to know;
It’s worth the risk, the miles, the years
To tear yourself away, and go

Where music sounds from standing trees
That hum their endless repertoire:
Go see your soul, go hear your truth:
The Silver Pool
Of Acquilàr

Published by

Beleaguered Servant

Owen Servant is an online poet working in a style that's been described as "compulsive". In real life, he is an actuary, because being a poet wasn't unpopular enough.

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