Youthful Passions: The Hardy Boys

The Secret Warning

I loved these books when I was young,
The thought of fighting crime;
And in them, traveled ’round the world
And decades back in time

I loved to solve each mystery
To defend right and truth;
As Frank and Joe became my friends
And I became a sleuth

And with these two friends by my side
We faced a thousand scrapes:
For every mystery we solved
There were six great escapes

We helped out old man Applegate,
We went to Baffin Bay;
But some there are who still don’t know
The force of child’s play

To read and to imagine is
Our powers to extend –
For us to become anything
At first, we must pretend


4 thoughts on “Youthful Passions: The Hardy Boys

  1. The Hardy Boys were a favorite of mine too. When I ran short I would even read Nancy Drew. Eventually I gave them up when I discovered Doc Savage, a whole new set of amazing adventures in the same wonderful tradition. Great post.

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