one more for you

reading, reading, all the time: love, adventure, hope, and crime, worlds of fantasy, and words flying out like flocks of birds past us, through us, in us, out us, past and present all about us, yes i know it's late, it's true: sure, though, here's one more for you

A Reader

Silent as a reading room, Active as a country pond, Still and self-contained, but yet Somewhere past, above, beyond -- Spaces spanning, occupying Fantasy, reality -- To see, perhaps, not quite the world, But, for a moment, what The others see

The Reader

As a little girl She was told that one day When she was much older and retired She would have time to read All the time she wanted But she reckoned That even if she started young And read all the time And lived to be old It wouldn’t be enough time But she tried … Continue reading "The Reader"

Your Library

A library seems random Unless it is your own: The taken paths to get those books, Haphazard and unknown. Enthusiasms come and go, We swim in different waters; At times we nearly (almost) drown, And others, splash like otters — We find ourselves, or find that we Are not quite who we thought; Or lose … Continue reading "Your Library"

My First Addiction

Others might be like me Maybe I can be a leader; Confessing I was weekly hooked By (yes) the Weekly Reader. I was only six years old Not knowing that succeeding My young life then was bound to be A lifetime full of reading. Every week we’d read about A galaxy expanding We read ourselves … Continue reading "My First Addiction"

The vistas of your mind

I see the vistas of your mind   as carried through your words;   the colors of your feelings,   ever-changing – The way you restlessly explore   each strange and new adventure;   the many places that your heart   is ranging — And what this is, is hard to know:   your vision, … Continue reading "The vistas of your mind"

Magic Magnifying Glass

Hours reading in my room Far away I’ve traveled Many palaces I’ve seen Mysteries unraveled Magic magnifying glass New adventure calls I have everything I need Here within These walls

library trice

he stopped to read and found himself a world away