Toronto in the Rain

Toronto Rain

Why do we have to go to Toronto?
I don’t know anybody there.
And look – it’s raining, always raining
I wanted Disney and it’s not fair.

Who’s Samantha? My Cousin Samantha?
This whole trip just feels like doom.
Hi. Hello. It’s nice to meet you.
Sure – I’d like to see your room.

Girl, I love that band — you’ve seen them?
Telling me they signed this shirt?
Man, I love this – what do you call it?
50 more? We’ve hit paydirt!

Sam I wonder, do you travel?
You could come down to our place.
I’ve got friends who’d love to meet you –
Let’s ask our moms just in case –

Why do we have to leave Toronto?
I was having so much fun!
I know its raining, its been raining,
Let’s not leave – we’ve just begun…

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