The Storm Was All Around Us

We watched the clouds roll in that day
Cross-legged in the sand;
We heard the distant thunder
Sitting huddled, hand-in-hand –

Until the rain was on us,
Then we kissed and up we rose;
Ran in the rain to my place
Where we shed our sodden clothes –

Before, we’d been “long-distance”,
So then this weekend was it —
We’d spend the time together, and
See just how well we fit –

The waves were high and crashing
In the sea right near my place;
I felt her warm breath on me
As I touched her still-wet face –

Beneath the raging skies we burned
And boiled, desperately —
And on-and-off, back on again

And oh, we tried, with all we had,
Our demons to outrun:
The storm was all around us, though –

In far more ways

Than one

[Alternately titled “Remembering My First Real… Long-Distance Relationship”]

Storm In The Distance

There have seen so many storms,
I feel I’ve had my fill;
But storms have always come before,
And I think always will –

Yes, in this life they’ll always come,
I see one’s coming soon;
The rain, it falls on everyone
For no one is immune

So don’t be fooled, if you think someone
Lives a life that’s safe from pain —
Some things, we all share as human:
The coming

Toronto in the Rain

Toronto Rain

Why do we have to go to Toronto?
I don’t know anybody there.
And look – it’s raining, always raining
I wanted Disney and it’s not fair.

Who’s Samantha? My Cousin Samantha?
This whole trip just feels like doom.
Hi. Hello. It’s nice to meet you.
Sure – I’d like to see your room.

Girl, I love that band — you’ve seen them?
Telling me they signed this shirt?
Man, I love this – what do you call it?
50 more? We’ve hit paydirt!

Sam I wonder, do you travel?
You could come down to our place.
I’ve got friends who’d love to meet you –
Let’s ask our moms just in case –

Why do we have to leave Toronto?
I was having so much fun!
I know its raining, its been raining,
Let’s not leave – we’ve just begun…