Slow things down Watch, and be at peace Have some wine

Morning Diary

It’s morning, and the air is warm Beside these waters far and gray; I really do not care that much How fast I go, or just which way, For all of this is strange to me, Life’s normally so frantic —- But I have hours now to taste Beside the wide Atlantic. My wife and … Continue reading "Morning Diary"

Window View

Light and breeze — They’re calling me through The window —

Crossing a Bridge at Twilight

Last night, we crossed the bay, Past six, and very cold, Seen only outlines dim, Cast off into the dark. Tween where we were and are, Mien frozen or relaxed, Caught laughing or reclined, Lean, anxious and adrift. Bought time, but never love, Fought off, and often slept, But always in the heart Sought what … Continue reading "Crossing a Bridge at Twilight"


as walking long upon the strip into side streets of side streets where intoxicating florentine waftings announced our dinner plans for us the beautiful one starts to smile and one more sun-drenched day’s adventure turns to night’s enchantment near to scenes of warmth and contact risotto mysteries and white wine invitations that crown departing day … Continue reading "ristorante"

Toronto in the Rain

Why do we have to go to Toronto? I don’t know anybody there. And look – it’s raining, always raining I wanted Disney and it’s not fair. Who’s Samantha? My Cousin Samantha? This whole trip just feels like doom. Hi. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. Sure – I’d like to see your room. Girl, … Continue reading "Toronto in the Rain"