Commercial Foods: On-Cor Salisbury Steaks

gravy-salisbury-steaksIf you read the post about the 18-year-old who didn’t know how to cook

You can now fast-forward 18 more years to a thirty-six-year-old single father who didn’t know how to cook

And while he bought and served nutritions fruits and vegetables

And his children ate them

He struggled to cook main dishes

So something like this came in handy

And since it was one child’s favorite

And still is

It merits a mention

One thought on “Commercial Foods: On-Cor Salisbury Steaks

  1. I love the convenience of things like this…but now that I am learning about all the stuff that’s done to our food and how unhealthy it is..yeah I no longer eat packaged like this…sighs.. but oh the days of blissful not knowing… 🙂

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