Strange Heroes: Tom Servo


Tom Servo

I guess I always thought myself
Some sort of intellectual
And such as are my bona fides
I gained by means effectual
I studied and I passed exams
The plain old-fashioned way
Then added extra brain cells
Watching MST3K

Now Gypsy, she was awesome
Underrated, for my money
And Crow T. Robot? He, of course
Was very, very funny
Joel or Mike, they both were great
(Now you know I’m a geek)
But Servo was the reason
That I was watching every week

I heard him sing a song about
Some boy’s atomic turtle
I heard him sing of Delta Knights
Wearing a veil and girdle
If you have never seen this show
I recommend it highly
Bad movies viewed in outer space
While Servo comments, wryly

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