every 90 minutes another virtue poem; i'm nothing but trustworthy, a type of jeroboam that holds a lot of nothing in the bottle that's this blog -- where you can trust each poem won't be all that long a slog


we tolerate most anyone who'll join in and discuss whatever might be on their mind -- if that agrees with us. for with our type of "tolerance" there's no one quite a hero, since now, we rarely use the word unless it's led by "zero" -- but maybe it's still possible to brook some disagreement: … Continue reading "tolerant"


being thoughtful isn't easy; people really can be bears, but, we have to keep our heads, and not be taken unawares. so remember, when it's sticky, honey's better than a knife: just be thoughtful when you're able, and you'll lead a better life


according to this list of positive character traits i have been using, being "social" is one of them. i don't know; i guess i'll take their word for it. the word has come to have odd connotations; as we are discouraged from being social in any of the traditional ways. the preferred method of being … Continue reading "social"


it is a joy to be genuine, to love and freely show it; the let the world see the inner you is a gift when you bestow it for some are genuine in remorse, and others in complaining, but the truly sincere show everything and manage without feigning


it isn't thinking less of yourself it's forgetting to think about yourself at all


it's simple, really. isn't it? we each know, in our head, it's good to say what you will do, then do the thing you said


what does it take to persevere? why can some do it, while others can't? is it genetic? or how we're raised? is the soil, or type of plant? might we consider: it's both, and neither; circumstance has a role, as well -- what does it take to persevere? maybe somebody out there can tell


patience is useful, all the time, but very hard to practice, because it takes both letting go, and keeping on, at once. this isn't a thing we do that well: we lean more towards complaining, not dealing with the minutes that can soon turn into months -- but patience is something we like a lot … Continue reading "patient"