They heard the music playing,   so followed them the tune: The mystic ocean symphony   a soothing bit of harmony     communing with their souls —     they needed to commune. And though poor in materials,   they found a way to go: For truly rich, and truly deep   are memories … Continue reading ""

{ leukemia }

just three, and already the word — how do young parents find the strength to love the unexplainable away? when it should be just skinned-up knees, or maybe like a cold to shoo away? with elsa and anna on a blanket wrapped around a tiny chest in a room and a city far away just … Continue reading "{ leukemia }"

rise above.

let what moves you, carry you. we cannot by will go high — sand may bar or harry you, sometimes it’s best not to try but surrender to the current underneath, and all around: all the goals that really weren’t so much shifting, changing ground feel yourself be lifted, weightless: the “cease striving” part of … Continue reading "rise above."

Somewhat Midnight Hill

Far from the place we used to live, Wandering rivers find the sea; There, on a somewhat midnight hill Stands a young couple, you and me, Far from the gray mistakes we’ve made, Foundering ships and trips on wire, There, on a somewhat midnight hill, Watching the smoke float ever higher. Oh, for the now … Continue reading "Somewhat Midnight Hill"

Eidolons & Echoes

Bent From the ghosts we carry, daily, How much we knew we only thought we knew — As beautiful, in leather binding, we Stand perched upon the shelves of Our denial The smell of binding, permeates The air that’s seen the shadows of What was our best intention: we, The afterthoughts of all the thought-before, … Continue reading "Eidolons & Echoes"

“… the world is new.”

“In memory yet green, in joy still felt, The scenes of life rise sharply into view. We triumph; Life’s disasters are undealt, And while all else is old, the world is new.” – Isaac Asimov It’s 6:21 in the morning, and I’m dressed for work. I’ve been up since 3:11 am, which is not that … Continue reading "“… the world is new.”"

Every Five Mistakes

Every five mistakes I make Leave a trail of mud and stone; Every time I take a break, I end up out here, alone — Any path can be the same When our troubles are ourselves: Every five mistakes I make Turn hellos into Farewells

4 Poems On 1 Photo

In moments that matter, Other people’s feelings become Matters of moment I see stories everywhere, So I don’t go out that much; Half-unfinished tales crowd in, Daughter’s tears and mother’s touch, Signifying — Daddy’s gone? Signifying — Hunger? Thirst? Speculation, all the time: Writers: we’re the very worst In autumn, tears, like dew upon the … Continue reading "4 Poems On 1 Photo"