3 Beliefs – 3

Happy people are defined By what they have, Unhappy people By what they lack, And the rest of us Resist defining. And just are

3 Beliefs – 2

Joy comes interlaced with pain Everywhere we are, or go; Golden childhood tales contain Match girls dying in the snow — All we think to say, or feel, Frozen days by sunlight graced — Bricks and mortar of what’s real: Joy and pain are Interlaced

3 Beliefs – 1

“The fields are full of flowers,   The sun is burning gold,   Come run with me, come be my love   Before the night comes cold —“ ”My love, I have a different plan:   For days and nights of toil   Can lead us to a better life,   And you to better … Continue reading "3 Beliefs – 1"


A vigil kept in empty times To watch for signs of safe return; The mission of forgotten folk As long as there is wick to burn Because — well, there is no ‘because’ The world would have us recognize — But, maybe, this is what love is: To wait, to hope, To agonize


The artist stops to paint a scene With colors that she purchased from A shop that closed six years before, A place that smelled of spirit gum And costumes hanging in the back By landscapes painted for the stage. And in the now, she thinks about What happened to that place. Her painting packed up … Continue reading "Erewhon"

The Difference

When she gave up on love, She went, instead, for me; With older kinds of men, There’s more security. And so, she does the things, And most guys wouldn’t mind it — But I can tell the difference When there’s no love Behind it

A Little More

Every day a little more abstract,   and then the carelessness   of contempt that’s sanctioned   as a fact (perhaps just heedlessness) And while the world lines up   as though arrayed,   the costumes show to all   what little value we   put on what’s paid   in blood, and cell,   … Continue reading "A Little More"

{ the feel }

when he still had the feel, the earth was cinnamon, and waterslides, and autumn like a kiss, a lingering, discovery, no guides, each whole experience — a birth. when he still had the feel when sorrow had another place to grow, he held the air and ground inside a heart that stretched into the sky, … Continue reading "{ the feel }"


We ran and played until the night; Our shouts rang out across the beach, And though exhausted, wanted more, As headed to our houses, each Would say aloud, “I wish we’d stayed.” To parents smiling in the front, Before we fell asleep ere long, And dreamed of trick, and tale, and stunt And words repeated, … Continue reading "Incantation"