November’s Chalice

I was, I think, a hurried man. To get to where and what my goal; A confidence, a worked-out plan, An inside-out, and fevered soul, When she November’s chalice brought For me to sip the honeyed wine I’d wanted, and through seasons sought, But that was hers, and never mine. She was, I see now, … Continue reading "November’s Chalice"

“… just a season.”

“Death is just a season:   spring turns to summer,   summer to fall,   and fall to winter. They may seem slow to come,   or late,   but they show up,   and they always will. Like changing colors on   the walls of a classroom;   the seasons change, the colors change, … Continue reading "“… just a season.”"


tangled fall and wind aslant should is shouldn’t, can is can’t up and moving, must away find the heart, forget the day clouds that beckon from the skies wind that laughs, and ground that cries soul that sorrow knows, and grows simple devastation mangled wall of former grief love is long, but life is brief … Continue reading "exploration"


We call things ‘mixed’ as though   they don’t belong together;   this is strange. All that is   belongs together, for   here we are,   together. Or maybe… We call them ‘mixed’ because   they come from different places, but   everything is from   a different place from everything else —   … Continue reading "Mixed"


Built for use: Tall weeds grow wild, and We forget