the best and worst

 not long after the worst of it 
 we see folks make the best of it; 
 the moral universe, a kite 
 carried upon amnesia -- 

 because, wherever we might walk 
 was a scene of violence at one time 
(or more than one, more likely, 
 given who we humans are) 

 it's we who choose where we will we look, 
 our focus, our reality -- 
 for what's no longer bad, is good; 
 and what we can enjoy, we should

Between the Longing and the Act

Between the longing and the act
Are matters there of conscience;
For who the other person is;
What might their long life haunt —

But our desires know not of
Morality – or others –
For evil spreads by people blithely
Taking what they want

To gaze upon, then crush the living flower:
There is but one sin, that’s

Selling Out

Back home, they call it “selling out”,
But everywhere, it’s subtle —
A word said here, or not said there,
With no chance for rebuttal —

So one man packs his boxes, and
Another man moves in —
They know, back home, you’re selling out,
Because you’re so

Bought in

Moral Hectoring

I see what this world needs
And so I’m going in there strong:
I’m gonna change some minds
By telling people that they’re wrong

I mean – that has worked in the past,
Where lives are turned around
By simple moral hectoring:
Obnoxious – yet profound –

Ok, maybe it hasn’t worked.
But it will work this time:
On top of being preachy
Every sermon’s sure
To rhyme