the best and worst

not long after the worst of it we see folks make the best of it; the moral universe, a kite carried upon amnesia -- because, wherever we might walk was a scene of violence at one time (or more than one, more likely, given who we humans are) it's we who choose where we will … Continue reading "the best and worst"

No Badge

There is no badge for caring, No prize for making time; There’s no gold rings adorn the hands That help us with the climb There is no medal given To him who love’s work braves: For good deeds die a natural death, And sleep in unmarked Graves


If morality Means anything, It means that We shouldn’t want to hurt others, Or ourselves, And should probably try To do the opposite

Selling Out

Back home, they call it “selling out”, But everywhere, it’s subtle — A word said here, or not said there, With no chance for rebuttal — So one man packs his boxes, and Another man moves in — They know, back home, you’re selling out, Because you’re so Bought in