Between the Longing and the Act

Between the longing and the act
Are matters there of conscience;
For who the other person is;
What might their long life haunt —

But our desires know not of
Morality – or others –
For evil spreads by people blithely
Taking what they want

To gaze upon, then crush the living flower:
There is but one sin, that’s

Moral Hectoring

I’m gonna change some minds.

I see what this world needs
And so I’m going in there strong:
I’m gonna change some minds
By telling people that they’re wrong

I mean – that has worked in the past,
Where lives are turned around
By simple moral hectoring:
Obnoxious – yet profound –

Ok, maybe it hasn’t worked.
But it will work this time:
On top of being preachy
Every sermon’s sure
To rhyme

Moral Absence

Take what you will, take what you can,
Leave others to their woes;
Run gold between your fingers and
Run sand between your toes

Stand there, in moral splendor while
Your fawning praises ring:
A choir of earthly sycophants
Employed by you to sing

Tell everyone the value of
The few men such as you:
And should you die before your time
It might be