Moral Absence

Take what you will, take what you can, Leave others to their woes; Run gold between your fingers and Run sand between your toes Stand there, in moral splendor while Your fawning praises ring: A choir of earthly sycophants Employed by you to sing Tell everyone the value of The few men such as you: … Continue reading "Moral Absence"

A Nonevent

She asked him, then, if he could fill her needs. He said he couldn’t, and then walked away. Now, some might say this story’s not worth telling, But I think I will tell it Anyway

Being a Guy, and All…

He tries, then, to distract himself, And not rest on his laurels; But minds aflame with imagery Are hard to douse With morals

More Miserables

Not everyone who steals is Jean Valjean, With starving mouths at home to feed that day; Some want to dry their hair, or watch a film, Or hear an album, but don’t want to pay. I don’t think ideology does this. Whatever class, it’s more how people feel; Some people would not, will not ever … Continue reading "More Miserables"

TST (Time Saving Tip) #1

There are those for whom “arguments” Are a matter of force and will Rather than right or wrong – There is no winning arguments with People of this kind, because Not surrendering Is more important to them Than being right One irony of this is What they are usually arguing about Is what is right … Continue reading "TST (Time Saving Tip) #1"

On Lust

From the Beleaguered Ethical Dictionary --