Snapshot: In A Historical Market

So much to learn, so much to know,
So many places we can go,
The future and the past combine,
Into a thing human – divine –

So much to see, so much to hear,
A world, once far away, that’s near,
So much to feed a heart and brain,
While we still dwell on what’s mundane


catch a spate of flying dreams,
  hold them for a feathered rest,
tell the moon to send its beams,
  call the sunbirds to their nest,
give no thought to fears arising,
nor to conscience terrorizing,
            just stay
            a day
and dream the tears you had away.

run in circles, walk in place,
  lay a hand upon a brow,
draw out past the edge of trace,
  find the “why” that births the “how”
give no thought to what is coming,
nor the echoes of lost drumming,
            and breaks
just know you now have what it takes

Dill Weed

What should we use for
License and permission?
The capital’s now shut to
Our ambition —

The powder reeks
Of avarice and spice;
An aftershock
Of smoothly-covered vice —

A smothering of
Cabinets and lust,
A bit of happiness
Ground into dust,

A spatter and a slather
And a skein
Of words of populism