Diatribe During Counseling

He said:

What am I s’posed to do?
Who am I s’posed to be?
There are so fricking many things
Expected out of me

I work myself to death, and then
When I walk in the door
She’s always saying I do nothing
And that she wants more

And I am just like, “Screw this.
Screw you. Just screw everything.”
I’m tired and I’m pissed
And I’m about to snap my string

She says that I don’t love her –
Yeah: that’s what she freaking said –
Who needs this crap. I’ll go be with
My damned mistress

3 thoughts on “Diatribe During Counseling

  1. Dear Owen Poetic Epilepsy,
    That poem is great! I am supporting the woman though. Boys of any age and men of any age sometimes and in a lot of cases a lot of times can be mean, indifferent, difficult to deal with, immature, annoying, distant, and thoughtless.
    Sam Sutlive.

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