One Big Thing

From certain viewpoints, we are one big thing. All of our many purposes subsumed Into a general purpose, tendency – A type of fate to which our kind is doomed. It matters not the packages you choose, It matters little which route you might take: For viewed from up above, we all are one, And … Continue reading "One Big Thing"

The Floating Ways

Clouds that pass you by, en masse, Masses pass you by like clouds; Crowd yourself among the finds, Find yourself amid the crowds Steer within the floating ways, Float inside the steerage class; Live for love and love to live, Serve as your own Fortinbras

buy the buy

Storekeepers who Cover their walls with Merchandise, cramming as much As they can possibly sell Into as neat a space as possible — Buyers, looking for bargains, Living somewhere between Hope for a miracle and Grim acceptance of reality — And one watching, Understanding nothing Of the language being spoken, But seeming to understand perfectly

The Mass

The mass awaits, The human mass – The swirl of all That comes to pass, Each man and woman, Lad and lass, With stories told In steel and glass, Initials on An overpass, And notes we pass In back of class. The mass awaits, The surging throng – With passions hidden, Deep and strong, And … Continue reading "The Mass"


The world’s a marketplace; a din – The clamor and cacophony, Persistent change and novelty,   That we all live within —   Within the noise and din. The world’s a marketplace, and we Are never really settled in; We stop, and then begin again,   In bedlam, dressed like anarchy,   We’re both restrained … Continue reading "Marketplace"