The Scent of Fall

I still recall as yesterday The lovely scent of fall; The breeze that blew her hair, and the Sheer magic of it all But there is memory in grief, And grief in memory — I still recall the scent of fall: That’s all that’s left For me

too much for sight

things can be too much for sight; we must not then be vision-bound those times, we have to close our eyes, and feel our way around

She Uses

He asked no questions; So, she had No lies to answer for – He needs not judge Between rock hard And lenient — She broke “the facts”: She’s sorry, She can’t use those anymore – She uses people: That’s much more Convenient

Your Habit

You want the truth: I’m sorry, I don’t have it. Except for this: I want to be your habit, Like how you pull your hair Off of your eyes — So come on: why not try me on For size?

He Listened

She said to come and love her, since To love needed no reason — He listened, as was due her need, Responding, then, in kind She said to keep the covenant; To break it would be treason — He listened, as was fit and right, And so kept true in mind She said: to love, … Continue reading "He Listened"