2 Friends in Conversation

Just a glimpse:
A later session
Sketching out
A brief impression

  That my eyes
  Just hap’d to see –
  But that somehow
  Changes me

Elegant, both
Long and lovely,
Light and bubbly

  That I chanced
  To overhear –
  Yet I still
  Can hear them clear

In isolation,
Girlfriends rapt
In conversation

  In scenes of leisure;
  Sketching images
  For pleasure

The Image Files

She never thought this life would be for her.
And she’s not sure about it, even now:
Twixt what we earn, and what we watch occur,
There’s much to figure out, and plumb, somehow —

She barely eats, she shows up for the shoots,
She passive waits for makeup, hair, and clothes;
The checks all clear, though, and she works as suits
Her preference for layouts or for shows —

And men are plenty; they’re most everywhere,
But guys she meets, they never quite connect:
And she keeps busy, flying here and there,
Just like tonight – as she stands there, bedecked,

She thinks, “It’s what I dreamed of, fervently,
But is this really where I want to be?…”

Choking Off Your Own Voice

To feel the world, you must be open to it,
But opening’s a painful process now;
With risk-taking, the only way’s to do it,
But it’s been years since you’ve forgotten how

You do not feel the air as you inhale it,
You do not see the sun, the moon or stars;
A chance will come, but you will not avail it,
And more of who you were is stored in jars

So don’t remain here, choking off you own voice,
The world is still out there for you to see;
The bitterness you feel – that is your own choice,
You are the person that you chose to be

For sorrow needn’t stay because we age;
New hope can put to sword
Your dying

i had a dream that followed me

i had a dream that followed me
one day, home from the park;
i saw it first in sunlight, then
again, when it was dark

i’m sure i don’t deserve it, for
i am no kind of prince —
but i’d a dream that followed me
and i’ve been happy