Snapshot: The Morning After

She walked out of the trailer Into frigid Winter air And left the boy she’d met last night Alone and sleeping there She heard the softish crunching Of the snow beneath her feet; And pulled her jacket tighter To keep in her body’s heat She walked to a convenience store A half a mile or … Continue reading "Snapshot: The Morning After"

Swingsets (II)

He’s eighteen, he’s grown-up, and yet He turns these memories over in his hands, Like toys he used to love But cannot bring himself to ever show. It’s summer in the early night, He’s wandering the streets Of this hometown he cannot wait to flee. He knows it’s time to be Responsible, to make his … Continue reading "Swingsets (II)"

The Day of Her Departure

She heard the wind across the way; Her chest grew tight, the sky turned gray, And all she knew just fell away, The day of her departure She wanted more, she needed more; She didn’t know what was in store But wanted time – a leisure tour – A world both ripe and larger It … Continue reading "The Day of Her Departure"

Summer Grass

Out in the country summer grass, We ran our breathless races; With frequent side-trips to the shade, And splotches on our faces Out in the country summer grass, We sang our song of growing; But of the clouds that gathered near, There really was no knowing. Along the riverside so bright, We grew our nascent … Continue reading "Summer Grass"

Kitten in the Cold

She was just a little girl; the cat a tiny cat She could not leave it outside, shivering in the cold...


I was a serious first grader.

Melted Coinage

I lay crossways on the backseat of my father’s Volkswagen Type 3 reading “The Melted Coins” a book I had just purchased in North Chili New York with a flimsy pillow beneath my back and a lonely feeling from this being our first family vacation without either my brother or my sister who had grown … Continue reading "Melted Coinage"

The Forgotten Door

I stopped my car halfway between Atlanta and my destination At a┬áparking lot shared by a gas station and restaurant To refuel both my vehicle and myself The day was very bright and warm The restaurant was very dim and cool And as I entered, I saw red plush carpet and red walls Red candles … Continue reading "The Forgotten Door"