Kitten in the Cold

She was just a little girl; the cat a tiny cat
She could not leave it outside, shivering in the cold
So after many tears and promises, and much discussion
Of how she would devote herself to take care of it
She brought the cat in to its new home
Her mother was worried about it, but her mother was also very proud
That her daughter cared that much for the defenseless

And the years went by, and her daughter grew up
And the cat grew old
The young woman blazing full of life and friends
The cat often neglected, often forgotten at evening mealtime
Until her mother would come to feed it, sadly
Still proud of her daughter, but also very worried
That the young woman had lost something important
Something beautiful about herself
Along the way

Attentions shift
Priorities change
There are places to go
Places to be seen at
People to experience —

The old gray cat
Still a kitten on the inside
Sits silently in the dark of the girl’s room
Blue eyes faintly glowing
Never losing hope

6 thoughts on “Kitten in the Cold

  1. Being a cat person, I really like this piece. Ok, I like this piece regardless, but being a cat person just added an extra ‘umphf’ for me.

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