5 Customs – 4

If love is light, then Some loves are a floodlight. And though pastels can Hide it from our eyes, There is a strength that Shows itself in softness, And hope that can't be measure by Mere size

lying awake

she lies awake and wonders where it went the glow that once surrounded who she was for all the hidden talents she’s misspent for random choices, lacking a “because” in stillness now, she thinks of one mistake her mother’s eyes with tears were dabbed and flecked for all that woman’s faults, for goodness sake she … Continue reading "lying awake"

Oft, She Wondered

Oft, she wondered where it went to — Naive tender girlish fun — Days of sweetness filled her life then Now those days are over. Done. Soft, at night, she years the rumble Of the heater – or the past — Memories float in like bubbles But the feelings do not last — There’s a … Continue reading "Oft, She Wondered"

She Gave Her Mother Flowers

She gave her mother flowers No special reason why She brought her yellow roses It made her mother cry For moms love children every day But sometimes feel the lack That comes from loving all ways in But getting little back So as her girl presented them Her eyes began to pull The tears that … Continue reading "She Gave Her Mother Flowers"

Precious Time

mother and daughter precious time love's always stretching