Between the Longing and the Act

Between the longing and the act
Are matters there of conscience;
For who the other person is;
What might their long life haunt —

But our desires know not of
Morality – or others –
For evil spreads by people blithely
Taking what they want

To gaze upon, then crush the living flower:
There is but one sin, that’s

Tragedy Universal

We’re born needing and wanting things

As we grow, we seek the power to get those things

Eventually, we seek the power
Independent of the things it can get us

And in this way,
Money is power
Sexual control is power
Violence is power
And lies are power

And the sickness comes and spreads
Not from what we do to get what we want
But from what we do
After we’ve forgotten everything
We really wanted

Dressed Up Corpses

Dead and buried
Should have then been
Left to rot

Prizes, varied
Out displaying
What they’ve got

Rancid cider
Brewed in batches
Drunken choices
Heart and head

Deadly spider
Stolen snatches
Robbed from voices
Of the dead

mores et pauperem

the angels
and doing good
to those who who can give back nothing

the demons
and devouring
those too weak to resist

so both blessed and cursed
are the poor
the meek
the powerless

as they
and only they

can truly discern
the demons
the angels

from bitter

Dead Ends

“Hate” went viral years ago
It’s never really stopped:
It’s only sometimes conscious,
Those that knowingly adopt

We take it in like we do air,
Or maybe, more like smoke:
We breathe it in and breathe it out
Till finally we choke

The soot of trolls and cowards
Fills the air like foul disease:
There’s scant hope for humanity
Inhaling such as these

And yet it’s no surprise,
It’s always been that way, my friends;
So many human lives are cursed
And damnable
Dead ends