Where Heroes Still Soar

Action Comics 17

I know a place, it’s a wonderful place
Where there’s always more room to explore –
Where lies are not told and all children are loved,
And venturesome heroes still soar

For dark grows the shadow where men have long lived,
Where all hope is ground into dust –
Then cold and abandoned, we wander astray,
And only look up when we must

But there is a place, it’s a wonderful place
Where the shadow is shamed by the light;
For there is a real place where heroes still soar
And people still honor what’s right

Nocturnal Creatures

[A poem by Beleaguered Servant]

The night knows its own.


The Night Man

The night spreads out its gloomy arms
Embracing minds befogged with hate
Who linger in a shadowed world
Where sickened spirits congregate

They cannot come into the light
For to be seen is agony
The night will always welcome them
The dregs of our humanity

The World’s Oldest Addiction

Prayer Circle

This isn’t about politics

But, with humans:

Having power over others
And being corrupted by it
Are virtually synonyms

We must refuse power at first
Or, like any other addiction,
It will consume us

For when we try to control others
We lose control of ourselves

For it is only
In embracing powerlessness over others
That we find:




True humanity