The Joker Returns

Batman 251

Who laughs when nothing’s funny?
Who’ll trip you from behind?
Who’ll face you, full-on, smiling
While gouging out your mind?

Who’s evil, truly evil
In action, word, and text:
But has large popular support
From those
That he’ll kill

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5 Thoughts to “The Joker Returns

    1. I see who has “liked” my comment – your chosen name – could have been applied to me – well sure – some years ago – but not now – I have appreciated your liking my comment- I hope to get my WordPress site up and running soon – some time SOON

      1. Yes – this is of interest- I want to write and support the work of others – at present there is very little on the page -it is still being built rather s-l-o-w-l-y – I believe it actually has but ONE post – because I deleted some from way back when I first tried – Word-Press has been rather patient – and I want to read more of this poetry

      2. I remember your Tally
        I shall not forget
        But my WordPress Blog
        Is unwritten as yet
        I shall return sure
        but after a pause
        And the first invite
        I PROMISE – is yours

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