Everyday Fears: Losing Things

I lost my wedding ring last night While I was with my wife: I’ve turned the whole house upside down. The story of my life… When people put some trust in me I seem sure to abuse it: For nothing’s so invaluable That I don’t go And lose it

Everyday Fears: Impotence

The fear we’ll wake one day And find that we’re no more a man; A fear that’s very real And very great — So ladies, understand, sometimes, You’ll see that fear played out By men my age who Overcompensate To prove we’re still desirable To women of all ages: And chase young women — Pure … Continue reading "Everyday Fears: Impotence"

Everyday Fears: Clumsiness

Hello there, welcome to my life. I do this many days: I fear that I’m a clumsy guy, In oh so many ways — I trip, I fall, I stumble, And I drop things all the time: I fear my clumsiness is now And art form Most sublime