Everyday Fears: Stage Fright

In three hours’ time, this room will fill;
He’ll take his place upon the stage —

He’s full of nervous energy,
And vague fears that are hard to gage

But all end in embarrassment;
This worry fills him to the brim —

A boring conference, we might say:
But it’s not that
To him

Everyday Fears: Making the First Move

She wishes he would do it,
But he hasn’t. So now what?
If she waits too long,
Then some other girl

Will beat her to him. So,
She has to try to pluck it up:
And make the first move.
Her heart’s in a whirl

Because she’s never been the type
To do this sort of thing:
She has some friends
Who do it every day —

She dies a little every time
Another chance is missed:
She’s not sure how to,
She’s not made
That way

Everyday Fears: Saying Something Stupid

Sometimes the fear comes a little too late.

You walk outside, full knowing
That you’ve done it once again:
Established yourself firmly as
The stupidest of men

If only you could stop yourself
Before the moment’s here:
For ‘stupid’ scars an ego,
But destroys a man’s

Everyday Fears: Losing Things

I lost my wedding ring last night
While I was with my wife:
I’ve turned the whole house upside down.
The story of my life…

When people put some trust in me
I seem sure to abuse it:
For nothing’s so invaluable
That I don’t go
And lose it

Everyday Fears: Impotence

The fear we’ll wake one day
And find that we’re no more a man;
A fear that’s very real
And very great —

So ladies, understand, sometimes,
You’ll see that fear played out
By men my age who

To prove we’re still desirable
To women of all ages:
And chase young women —
Pure insanity —

But it is fear. Pure fear.
For in our hearts, most men know better:
It’s more than just
Our mid-life vanity —

But at our worst, some men refuse to see,
And blame you for
Our infertility

Everyday Fears: To Be Forgotten

This fear actually comes true.

The vanity of things we buy,
Collect, and put away;
The mundane lives of worry
That we live through every day

With careful planning or mere chance,
From New Year, through December:
To find then, when we’re finally gone
That no one will