Everyday Fears: Boredom and Loneliness

Two of the greatest fears of all, in terms of influence.

To avoid these things:

We’ll drink too much

We’ll date the wrong people
We’ll marry the wrong people
Have kids with the wrong people

Stay way too long where we’re not wanted
Stay too long with people we don’t want to be with

Take risks to our jobs
Our health
Our relationships
Our honor

Everywhere I look
The twin fears
Of boredom
And loneliness
Dominate our actions

And yet

To hear activists talk
It’s all greed

To hear moralists talk
It’s all lust

But these two fears
Of boredom and loneliness
Account for more otherwise unaccountable things
Than all the greed and lust in the world

Everyday Fears: Giving An Opponent Any Credit

Not a fear that lasts a long time, mind you.

To be fair, many really have no fear

Of ever doing this, for they make sure

To point out their opponent’s always wrong;

All their opinions, just so much manure


But sometimes, maybe, there’s a sneaking fear

That our opponents, by some random law,

Just might right about some little thing:

We dwell on this a moment, then say


Everyday Fears: Having Nothing Interesting to Say

And now, the blogger’s terror. [Note – for those who don’t recognize such things, the silver-black item on the left of the photo is what was once called a “landline” telephone. – Owen]

And now the blogger’s terror:
To have nothing left to say
That anyone would want to read,
Or ought to, anyway

Or fear you might have passed that point
A dozen posts ago:
For boring people always seem
To be the last
To know

Everyday Fears: Clumsiness

No jokes about clumsy rhymes, please.


Hello there, welcome to my life.
I do this many days:
I fear that I’m a clumsy guy,
In oh so many ways —

I trip, I fall, I stumble,
And I drop things all the time:
I fear my clumsiness is now
And art form
Most sublime

Everyday Fears: To Be Forgotten

This fear actually comes true.

The vanity of things we buy,
Collect, and put away;
The mundane lives of worry
That we live through every day

With careful planning or mere chance,
From New Year, through December:
To find then, when we’re finally gone
That no one will