Everyday Fears: Food Stuck In Teeth

So many of our fears are trivial, But daily they are there, like loyal friends; Our worry that some small thing on our person Will be the thing that distracts And offends

Everyday Fears: Rejection

To be rejected is, I think, A very common fear: To be discarded by our friends, Or others we hold dear   But there’s a type that’s worst of all, To find ourselves reviled, Dismissively rejected by Our blood Our hearts Our child

Everyday Fears

I’ve never seen a vampire, A zombie or a ghost; I have no fears of them, although, I have more fears than most To make this Halloween, therefore, Stand out from other years: I thought I’d catalog, instead, Our normal, daily fears The things that cause us angst, and make us doubt: For fear is … Continue reading "Everyday Fears"

Everyday Fears: Stage Fright

In three hours’ time, this room will fill; He’ll take his place upon the stage — He’s full of nervous energy, And vague fears that are hard to gage But all end in embarrassment; This worry fills him to the brim — A boring conference, we might say: But it’s not that To him