On The Heights

Oh, no. There’s no depression anymore. All that despair, it’s really so jejune — I have a lot to do, and I’m content. There’s work enough for even a buffoon To rise before the sun, and tame the moon. Don’t look into my eyes, there’s nothing there; There’s no depression anymore — I swear. Oh, … Continue reading "On The Heights"

for once there was

a darkness fell upon the room; the sound of crickets all around — the sweat that poured into his eyes he wiped away, amid the gloom he heard the distant rumble small of trucks upon the highway near; and checked the time – again, again – to see if it had moved at all for … Continue reading "for once there was"

Made of Life

The ache that is we couldn’t know Our eyes could not foresee It’s everywhere we look it’s part Of our humanity Anxiety and panic Futility and strife For life is made of failure And we are made of life We reach out to the lonely ones We cast our vision wide As others too reach … Continue reading "Made of Life"


they do not notice everyday the gradual unraveling behind the smile and the warmth incessant worries traveling they’ll ask her some days how she is is that fatigue or is she bored they can’t tell she’s unraveling until the day she comes unmoored

Disconsolate Nights

Alone and wand’ring in the dark, Out on the beach ’til very late; With only beer to comfort him And mem’ries streaming in a wake The moon hangs low, disconsolate, The waves are muffled, nearly still; Like waiting for a morning star That never comes And never will (Back when I would go three days or … Continue reading "Disconsolate Nights"

The Creative Type

I always wanted to be the creative type, Although I can’t say why now, looking back — You think of it as building sort of worlds, Instead of filling in some void, or lack — But what is it but random muscle play, Or telling jokes in giant empty halls, Recounting stories no one thinks … Continue reading "The Creative Type"

How Will I Hide Today?

How will I hide today? If I could jettison this heart, I think that just might be a start: The callous live and walk and breathe And seem so oft to be at ease — I want to feel the more a little less I must confess. Make sure that no one knows… This is … Continue reading "How Will I Hide Today?"