The Lonely Night

The lonely night is never done; It stretches on, in endless wake – And closes in with memories And dreams, beneath a constant ache To walk upon the haunted earth, To lie upon a sleepless bed, To hope for nothing but the dark, And pray that slumber’s just ahead – But restless, rising up to go, To … Continue reading "The Lonely Night"

Desolate My People Go

The world is dreariness today The whole dang town seems haunted: It’s very cold and gray outside And that’s just how I want it I like the feeling that I have That nature doesn’t care; Beneath the dull immensity That I’m just barely there The world is large and heartless, And is deaf to our … Continue reading "Desolate My People Go"

So Familiar

A life led by blind desire, Lurching toward the funeral pyre Happenstance spun into meaning, Private times spent posing, preening Strings of words on worthless air, Tableaus struck with no one there Emptiness and vanity, Sheltered by insanity Carved from cells once formed by bliss: So familiar All of this   (“So Familiar” – 10-23-2014)

I’m So Uncertain

I’m so uncertain, friends, I just don’t know. My life has spun, perhaps, out of control: I do not know if I should stay or go, I seem to have no function, place or role But every day, I read among these words Such certainties as I have never had: From those who see sharp … Continue reading "I’m So Uncertain"

As Darkness Falls

As darkness falls, so does his heart For days of sweetness yet to come; He reaches, in his mind, for part Of something greater, as the crickets hum The sun goes down, so do his thoughts, To lives he’s never led at all. And feeling still tied up in knots, He sees the clouds roll … Continue reading "As Darkness Falls"


At times, she barely knows herself, The image in the mirror: Whatever all she’s thought to dream Grows anything but clearer. Her life is chaos: interweave, A web, a maze, a lattice, And if not for irrelevance, She’d have no other status. So many think her fortunate: A star in this big circus — But … Continue reading "Depressed"

AKA (Animal Kingdom Analogies)

Debt’s an Anaconda That crushes you, but slowly; Lust, a Venus Flytrap That quickly takes you wholly Envy is an Adder That poisons at the heel Depression is a Spider That takes time with its meal