5 Strange Things I Love About Her

One: she strictly uses pronouns
Nouns and proper nouns won’t do –
So I haven’t got the slightest
Who she is referring to

Secondly: that gal hates Pepsi.
It is Coke or not at all —
It must be some deep south thing
Like eating grits or speaking drawl

Third: I love that she loves puzzles.
And some days, out of the blue
She will ask me what’s a word with
Just nine letters that means “chew”

Fourth: and you will not believe this:
Every night she makes the bed
Ten minutes before I’m in it
And that messes with my head

Fifthly: is my favorite strangeness
That I’ve loved since way-back-when
And that trait is most peculiar
That’s her bizarre taste
In men

(… oh the joy of prompts …)

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