Disconsolate Nights

Alone and wand’ring in the dark,
Out on the beach ’til very late;
With only beer to comfort him
And mem’ries streaming in a wake

The moon hangs low, disconsolate,
The waves are muffled, nearly still;
Like waiting for a morning star
That never comes
And never will

(Back when I would go three days or so between sleeping. – Owen)

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One thought to “Disconsolate Nights”

  1. Out on the beach with a beer
    or in the bed being furled
    wandering in the dark alone
    you should not be in the world.

    You feel out there disconsolate
    being hopeless and isolated
    strolling around seeing the stars
    but be certain and recognize
    that you’re not alone
    and together we can win wars.

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