No Honor

He underestimated her And lived to know the cost; For there’s no honor to be found When every sense Is lost

The Affair

When memories come like blinding flashes She just stops and holds her breath; The loneliness of her existence – So much fragile, silent death The weight that’s slowly crushed her Like entrapment ‘neath a concrete wall: So better an empty, false connection Than no Connection At all

Ironic Attachment

She met him off in hotel rooms. He’d often keep her waiting: Then laugh at her impatience, saying “It’s not like we’re dating.” They did the things he wanted to. The he would dress to go, And she’d ask when she’d seem him next, He’d say he didn’t know But that he’d text when he … Continue reading "Ironic Attachment"

Bad Magic

Sorceress silently casting a spell Clouding his judgment and senses as well Spreading contagion to every last cell Sorceress Leading him Closer To hell