Owen thinks outside the box. He’s planning his escape: He’d try and make a run for it If he was more in shape I know it looks a cardboard thing. And open on one side: But Owen swears he’s really stuck, And that he’s really tried So be more understanding, Do not question him, or … Continue reading "Owen"


Her voice is fast and agile, but Her manners soft and slow; She’s stronger than a river’s rush, But yielding, even so — Her heart belongs to every dog And child in the land; But if you think her wobbly, she Will drop you where you stand I’ve watched her grow from just a girl, … Continue reading "Valentia"


She’s meeting friends out here tonight; She’s ready for some fun — It’s just for laughs, she isn’t really Seeking anyone Both guys and girls will hit on her, But she wants no duet: She just likes time out with her friends. Is that so hard To get?


a world of anger in her eyes: don’t mess with —


Ria’s stayed at home these years And worked there, uncomplaining; She says her father needs her, so She’s opted for remaining   It’s funny how the years go by, And how old things get wearing: It strikes her now, from time to time, She’s doing all the caring   So maybe she will leave her … Continue reading "Ria"

barbed wire

a fence that bites, despising anyone who tries to enter through or over it — a sign of real unwelcoming: written with metal and twisted into sheer pain
Some hearts sing If they might hear The music; Others sing and dance From a music that’s all their own

The Apple Trees

The joy of climbing that far off the ground, The taste of fruit you have picked yourself; Most children, still, these real things want to feel, More than mere images, or bits of light. It’s we that cloak in artificial ways Experience that they are born to want: By hiding in our plastic fortresses Protecting … Continue reading "The Apple Trees"

Through Struggling

I learned to use these things at school through struggling; My printing poor, my cursive even worse — A dearth of what I think they still call motor skills, Although I tried to fight against that curse — But yet, I loved to draw, I liked the colors: So I worked at it like a … Continue reading "Through Struggling"