Cass & Jeremy

I’ve heard it said that love is made From simple things, I’ve heard it said I’ve seen the two of you grow strong For what’s to come For what’s ahead I’m sure that hours, weeks and days Will crawl sometimes, and then, stampede: I know that love is everything, So you have everything You need

Amanda G

Where words fail There is always love For new hope


Studies hard so she Can make the soccer first team; Stronger than she looks, And rabbit-fast on the pitch — And yet, she’s no real scholar That’s an ethnic trope. Koreans and studying Are considered twins; But those who know her, know that She’s more about the running –


she’s working on a doctorate and she is fearless = = = where she’s been most don’t even dream of daring


For six years, ere she got divorced, She listened to his twaddle: But now she’s free from all of that, And working as a model She’s doing pretty well, not great. But she does love the work — Her money and her time: her own. And not shared with Some jerk


The girls at work think she’s a snob, The boys are all afraid: I think she once had scruples, but They seem to be mislaid; She’s taking in some sun right now, A rich dude paid her way: It’s not her fault he gives her things. In fact, he likes to pay — She makes … Continue reading "Zeena"

The Sarasota Six

In all the years that they’ve been friends, They’ve shared a lot of things: They’ve each stood by in times of tears, And days of wedding rings — It’s strange how long they’ve all stayed friends, It’s rarely seen today — For most of us just lose our friends Somewhere along the way For what … Continue reading "The Sarasota Six"


She’s traveling in Europe now, It’s grinding, not vacation — But it’s what she’s been working for: A long preoccupation – She sees the world through hungry eyes, And feels a joy that’s true: For nobody can tell her Where to go, or what To do