3 Years Later…

There is a place called "far away" she lives; and that is far enough that when a message comes, it's like a bottle from the universe, delivered on the sea of time and space and spanning ages lost. Upon the coast of "far away" she stands but thinks of us, some way, and send some … Continue reading "3 Years Later…"

12 Perspectives – 12

The day has come; The door is shut behind. It's time for all this passion, And this mind To make a life, a difference, A view -- To take control, and see What she can do. There's trepidation, and There's confidence. But she's a purpose, And a growing sense Of those horizons, Distant, and within, … Continue reading "12 Perspectives – 12"

12 Perspectives – 11

she feels the need to prove. it is unspoken and unthought it's more than either: it's a fact of growing she has to feel a little pain to climb out of her childhood and that change won't be real unless it's showing

12 Perspectives – 10

in secret times, she longs to be a younger girl again for life is complicated now, or more than it was then and sometimes, when she thinks of it, a tear comes to her eye it's like that little girl left home without saying goodbye

12 Perspectives – 9

The wrongs of passage Grafted on the young, She deftly steps aside, And keeps her stride Out where the pearls of joy are brung, And decorously strung, Along the straits of passage. They take payment unkind: But that won't be her way. She owns herself, she does, She always has, and always was Beyond the … Continue reading "12 Perspectives – 9"

12 Perspectives – 8

confidence is a thing she enjoys on the days she's able --   for there are other times, that it's impossible to find, and even harder to imagine ever having again

12 Perspectives – 7

Some say she reads too much It's antisocial; it's a sin -- But it's not shutting out the world, It's bringing new worlds In

12 Perspectives – 6

She went to grab a bit of cloud But saw it slip away; She trembled on the edge of mirth The rest of that whole day. What cannot be contained Or calculated is still there -- She went to grab a bit of cloud For now she owns The air

12 Perspectives – 5

Everything on earth is new When seen for the first time, For eyes and things Form pictures together. This is a form of love; The foundation Of all types of Communication. She embraces the waters As they embrace her, Each speaking a language Only the other can translate. The only world worth loving Is too … Continue reading "12 Perspectives – 5"