12 Perspectives – 12

The day has come;
The door is shut behind.
It's time for all this passion,
And this mind
To make a life, a difference,
A view --
To take control, and see
What she can do.
There's trepidation, and
There's confidence.
But she's a purpose,
And a growing sense
Of those horizons,
Distant, and within,
That she must conquer,
And then re-begin.
She has no static dream,
No stone tableau --
Just knows it's time to live,
And time
To go

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7 Thoughts to “12 Perspectives – 12

    1. Thank you, I really enjoyed these.

      I set out with a goal of recording some perspectives on feelings I’ve observed in girls that age, with two limits: no reference to my own feelings, and no reference to boys. It was a very liberating exercise.

      1. You captured it beautifully according to my life experience. Great job, Owen.

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