A Forward Look

The breadth that is this breath
Of all I’ve had, it is the only

For what is present is all that really is,
There is no more than this

From this my bed, I look out on the mountains of
What is to come

The sun is beckoning to me,
Her rays like fingers lightly

Causing shivers through
The mountains

Born of Water

My father was born of fire,
My mother was born of air,
For his was a life of desire,
And hers was to go everywhere —

My brother was born of the earth, the earth
With his feet on the ground since the day of his birth;
But I was of water born I think
For I rise each day just to slowly sink

And I’m best defined by the way I change.
The motion is constant, so don’t think it strange:
I am what I’ll be, and there’s no escape —
A whole world of life without any real


… stones were everywhere …

I dreamed we climbed a hill
Beside a dark and ancient sea;
The sky was blue, and
Stones were everywhere —

And you were still alive
The way you were back in the days
When joy was just like breathing,
Just like air

It’s sad how many hills
I have to climb to see your face,
How many rocks and stones
Stand in the way

And how I wish I had the key
To make all of it real,
For though dreams come,
They never, ever